Call WebRTC

  Use freeLink to bypass the local and mobile telephone network

  Receive calls from your clients and friends even when you do not have a phone number.
  On an Android mobile phone, or PC click the link below:
  if you want to receive calls with freeLink on your IP PBX - contact me:
Simple — If your website visitors (i.e. potential customers) have any questions or issues, they can click or tap the fully-customizable                                    "Call Online" button and will be talking to your representative immediately.
Convenient Your visitor's web call will be instantly forwarded from your website to any landline, mobile phone, or SIP phone that you                                       designate.
Easy — To start receiving web calls, just add the "Call Online" button to your webpage, social media page, email message.
* the service does not support Apple phones and Safari web browser
      the service does not support Internet Explorer and Edge.